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Share your knowledge and connect with students through online language learning. Enjoy a flexible schedule as you teach from the comfort of your home using Pisara, an intuitive and user-friendly online learning platform that comes with live technical support and training platform orientation programs.

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  • Call learners directly through Pisara
  • Teach live online lessons using our virtual classroom
  • Make video recordings of your live online lessons
  • Enjoy technical support for real-time learning management
  • Work with flexibility in time and space – conduct lessons anytime, anywhere!

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Pisara Instructor Testimonials

Being an instructor with Pisara has allowed me to practice what I love doing from the comfort of my home. The features that the platform has for lessons allow me to be creative in the way I conduct my classes and makes it easy for both the learners and the trainers to achieve their goals for the session.


I am really impressed by Pisara. It is easy to navigate, teacher and student friendly we are able to use various methods in our lessons to be able to gain the full teaching and learning experience required in any classroom setting. The classes are real time and the materials are easy to find and use. It is a great, flexible online system! 5 stars!