Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pisara?

With its name being the Filipino term for “blackboard,” Pisara is a comprehensive e-learning platform that provides unparalleled online collaborative learning and teaching in a fun and secure online educational environment. Our multi-faceted system includes a dazzling array of learning resources that teachers can use to create an immersive classroom, oversee the execution of lesson plans, and keep students updated in real time.

Which subjects does pisara currently offer?

We offer personalized online assessment and instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) for conversational, business, and academic purposes. In addition to which, we are also looking to offer courses in Science and Mathematics.

Does Pisara offer courses in a traditional on-location classroom setting?

As an exclusively-online platform, Pisara caters towards individuals and businesses that require an alternative method of instruction. However, it has partnered with the American English Skills Development Center, which is located in the heart of the financial district of Metro Manila. American English offers in-class private and small group instruction in Conversational English, Business English, and English for Academic Purposes. For more information, visit

Does Pisara offer review courses for the TOEFL and IELTS exams?

Pisara is currently in the process of establishing review courses specifically geared towards clients who require further preparation for the TOEFL and IELTS. Additionally, our grammar-oriented and Conversational English courses cover material that typically appear in both exams.

How are my instructors determined? May I select who will teach me?

All of of our instructors are world-class professionals who have had many years of experience teaching English as a Second Language either in-person or on our e-learning platform. You may choose whom you want out of our talented roster if you’re willing to pay an extra fee.

I’d like to work at Pisara. How can I get started?

Pisara is looking for qualified and experienced instructors who can lead its English, Science, and Mathematics courses. In addition to a cover letter, an application consists of a resume, two references or letters of recommendation, and copies of any relevant degrees and certifications. For inquiries, send us a message at

Can I enroll in classes through Pisara?

Yes, you can enroll in our public or one-on-one classes through Pisara.

What is the process of enrollment?

  • Once you have selected a class, email us at
  • After your inquiry and our confirmation email, you can settle your payments via bank deposit. (Payment options through Pisara will be available soon!)
  • After the payment confirmation, you will receive an email with your class details:
  • For Public Classes:
    • Your class details will include your Enrollment Key and instructions for creating your account at
    • Create your account, confirm your registration, and login on the Pisara App.
    • Click on the “Classes Offered” link located on the left side of the application. This will take you to the “Classes Offered” page.
    • Go to your chosen class and click “Enroll Now”.
    • Enter the Enrollment Key.
    • You will be redirected to the class details and can now begin your assessment.
  • For One-on-One Classes:
    • Your class details will include your Activation Key.
    • You will receive an email notification from Pisara regarding your registration confirmation.
    • Click the “Confirm Registration” button in the email notification.
    • Set a password and login on the Pisara App at Once you’ve logged in, the app will take you to “My Classes” page.
    • Click the “Class Details” link and enter the Activation Key.
    • You can now begin with your assessment.

Payments are made via bank deposit at Metrobank and BDO:

Yes, you can enroll in our public or one-on-one classes through Pisara.

METROBANK-ALFARO Account No.: 270-7-27053248-5
BDO-V.A. RUFINO Account No.: 006918008833

How do I get details about my class?

Details about your class will be emailed to you once your payment is confirmed.

What do I do if I have difficulty logging into my class?

You can email your concerns to

When can my training start?

Training dates are flexible and will be coordinated with you via email and Skype.