English 101 for Beginners

English 101 for Beginners is a live, online, customizable beginner’s course for developing and improving in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in basic English. Learners are provided with instruction, activities, and coaching opportunities to begin learning practical English for everyday situations, understand those speaking in English, and communicate with others at the beginner’s English level.

Build your skills in English 101 for Beginners

Expressing oneself clearly, effectively, and confidently in English continues to be important in personal, professional, and business contexts. Advances in technology, internet communication, and international travel have made it easier for people the world over to communicate in English, collaborate, and coordinate on a regular basis in personal and professional contexts.

  • Date Start
  • Duration
    2 Weeks
  • 1 hour
    per session
  • Date Start


English 101 for Beginners at American English SDCI provides learners with the following:

  1. Basic communication skills for interacting in simple ways with others,
  2. Basic methods for building simple sentences for answering and asking questions in English,
  3. Basic strategies for improving fluency, grammar, and vocabulary,
  4. Tips and useful phrases for effective communication in everyday situations, and
  5. Practice opportunities for the application of communication skills in English in various situations – improving learners’ fluency, confidence, and ability to express themselves and understand others effectively.

Course Features

The English 101 for Beginners course is customizable to meet the specific needs of each learner. The course has the following features: online materials, writing assignments, quizzes, live classes, practical application opportunities and exercises, post-training assessment and feedback.

Every learner can customize and build a personalized action plan collaboratively with a trainer by adding and availing themselves of any number of course features as desired.


  • Practical English
    • The English alphabet
    • Spelling
    • Greeting people, making introductions, speaking on the phone, asking for directions, and the like
  • English Grammar for Beginners (topics will include but are not limited to the following)
    • Personal pronouns, BE verbs, and contractions (“I am” = “I’m”)
    • BE verbs in negative sentences (“I’m not home.”)
    • Basic tenses (simple present, simple past, and simple future)
    • Question words and sentence structures (who, what where, when, why, how)
    • Prepositions of time and place (in, on, at)
  • English Vocabulary for Beginners (topics will include but are not limited to the following)
    • Basic verbs and nouns, common adjectives, irregular verbs
    • Daily routines, important life events, holidays, and weather
    • Times and dates
    • Colors and sizes
    • Countries and nationalities
    • Useful words and phrases

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the English 101 for Beginners course, learners will continue to:

  • Learn basic grammar and structures in the English language
  • Build vocabulary
  • Develop in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Become conscious and aware of their own communication strengths and points for improvement
  • Demonstrate learnings during practical application exercises and scenarios
  • Apply knowledge in communicating in everyday situations through exercises, activities, and real-life scenarios
  • Communicate clearly and confidently


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