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Our Customized Corporate English and Training Needs Assessment Solutions are tailored to meet your industry and business needs as well as the specific needs of your training participants. Pisara offers any type of assessment that we build and customize as diagnostic tools for determining competencies and points of improvement towards identifying training needs that impact effectiveness and performance within a company or organization.

Intensive English Assessment

The Intensive Pisara Placement Test is designed to assess a person’s proficiency in using the English language. It combines different questions types from face-to-face interview , fill-in-the-blanks to multiple choice to test the taker’s grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension through reading, writing, listening, and speaking evaluations.

Reading Assessment

The Reading Assessment Test contains excerpts from essays and stories to measure comprehension.

Listening Assessment

The Listening Assessment Test utilizes an audio recording to determine the taker’s active listening and comprehension skills.

Writing Assessment

The Writing Assessment Test provides authentic writing exercises to determine levels of sentence fluency, word choice, and English grammar proficiency. This test is administered by professional instructors.

Speaking Assessment

The Speaking Assessment Test is a face-to-face interview with video documentation and option for live online assessment. This test is faciliated by professional instructors.

Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication is the most effective form of communication, where one makes use of direct and confident statements to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas. As opposed to passive and aggressive communication, assertive communication is the process of communicating with self-assurance while respecting the rights of others. It is a learnable, communication skill.

The Training Needs Analysis for Assertive Communication is a self-evaluation that assesses one’s reaction in social and work challenges to provide an indication of their natural communication traits and behaviors. It provides an overview of the passive/assertive/aggressive behaviors that participants view themselves to have.

The TNA measures propensities for the following components:

Communication Behaviors

The Communication Behaviors Test appraises one’s tendencies for passive, aggressive, or assertive behaviors and communication.

Conflict Management

The Conflict Management Test utilizes real-life scenarios to appraise one’s capabilities for resolving problems and issues with others.

Making a Stand

The Making-A- Stand Test provides situations for appraising one’s responses to orders and requests, persuasion, and intimidation.


The Reflection Test examines one’s thought processes and perceptions on decisions to be assertive, passive, or aggressive.

Collaborative Communication

Collaborative Communication is a process where individuals of differing abilities and areas of expertise contribute to a collective understanding of various aspects of a problem or issue and cooperate by incorporating differing knowledges towards surpassing individual outlooks and creating and generating solution.

The Training Needs Analysis for Collaborative Communication is a self-evaluation that takes into account each individual’s natural inclinations and responses to external factors for collaboration and communicating towards (1) perceiving various aspects of the problem, issue, or situation; (2) acknowledging the differing perspectives and methods of resolving problems and issues; and (3) cooperatively developing inclusive processes, procedures, and solutions.

The TNA measures collaborative propensities for the following components:


The Collaborative Communication Test appraises one’s communication behavior, style, and type of learning.


The Collaborative Problem-Solving Test utilizes real-life scenarios to gauge one’s capabilities for engaging in problem-solving methods and tasks.


The Collaboration in Diversity Test provides situations for appraising one’s acknowledgement of different areas of expertise and the recognition of their potential for generating a variety of perspectives and solutions to problems and issues.

Cooperation and Inclusion

The Cooperation and Inclusion Test measures one’s capacity to work with a team and develop solutions that value all contributions.

Assessment Packages

Basic SME  P800/person
Enterprise Package   P650/person


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