Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is live, online, customizable course that enables individuals to speak with authority, express themselves confidently, uphold their needs and wants positively, and handle situations and individuals calmly, ethically and professionally.

Build your skills in Assertive Communication

In the world of business, the ways that we communicate have an immediate impact on how well we deal with people. Whenever we negotiate and discuss with customers, clients, co-workers, management, board members, or subordinates, our success in communicating with them lies in not only what we say but also, more importantly, how we convey the information.

People who communicate aggressively act in ways that signal how they uphold only their own needs, often to the detriment of the needs of others. Passive communicators, on the other hand, often end up putting other people’s needs over their own due to their inability or reluctance to communicate to stand up for themselves. However, people who communicate assertively are able to meet their goals, needs, and wants while also functioning positively in workplace contexts and relationships.

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  • Duration
    2 Weeks
  • 1 hour
    per session
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Assertive Communication at American English SDCI provides learners with the following:

  1. Knowledge of the different communication styles
  2. Methods and strategies for adopting an assertive communication style
  3. Techniques for assertive language and vocabulary
  4. Tips for assertive behaviors and body language, and
  5. Practice opportunities for the application of assertive communication skills and behaviors in various situations – improving learners’ productivity, confidence, and ability to work with others effectively

Course Features

The Assertive Communication course is customizable to meet the specific needs of each learner. It has the following features: online materials, writing assignments, quizzes, live classes, practical application opportunities and exercises, post-training assessment and feedback. Every learner can customize and build a personalized action plan collaboratively with a trainer by adding and availing themselves of any number of course features as desired.


  • Communication Styles and Behaviors
    • Assertive communication – communication that respects everybody’s rights and feelings
    • Aggressive communication – communication that is offensive and violates the rights of others
    • Passive communication – communication that disregards your own rights and opinions
  • The Benefits of Being Assertive and Communicating Assertively
    • Standing up for your rights and the rights of others
    • Building relationships through assertive communication
    • Practicing professionalism and workplace communication ethics
  • How to Communicate Assertively
    • Using Assertive and Positive Language
    • Presenting Ourselves Positively through Body Language
    • Learning how to say “No” in a positive manner
  • Dealing with and Responding to Other Behaviors
  • Responding Assertively in Difficult Scenarios
  • Giving Feedback

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the Assertiveness Communication course, each student will continue to develop in:

  • Gain foundational knowledge on different communication styles and behaviors
  • Become conscious and aware of their own personal attitudes and behaviors
  • Recognize these communication styles and behaviors in others and in various situations
  • Demonstrate assertive communication and behaviors during practical application exercises and scenarios
  • Apply knowledge in handling difficult people and challenging situations in exercises, activities, and real-life scenarios
  • Communicating clear messages confidently through spoken and body language
  • Communicate effectively and build rapport in the workplace
  • Exhibit confidence in role-playing for assertive communication


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