Accent Neutralization

Accent Neutralization is a live, online, customizable course for individuals to learn the fundamentals of comprehensive English language, cultural, and intercultural communication for business and professional offshore and outsourcing environments. Learners are provided with instruction, activities, and coaching opportunities to improve their accent and enhance their conversational English for business and professional contexts.

Build your skills in Accent Neutralization

Expressing oneself clearly, effectively, and confidently in English continues to be important in personal, professional, and business contexts. Advances in technology, internet communication, and international travel have made it easier for people the world over to communicate in English, collaborate, and coordinate on a regular basis in personal and professional contexts. Accent Neutralization is what enables learners to communicate successfully for offshore and outsourced business environments and contexts.

  • Date Start
  • Duration
    2 Weeks
  • 1 hour
    per session
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Accent Neutralization at American English SDCI provides learners with the following:

  1. Basic accent neutralization training,
  2. Cultural and intercultural communication training,
  3. Elements of oral communication,
  4. Methods and strategies for improving fluency, grammar, and vocabulary,
  5. Techniques for using appropriate language and tone in interpersonal communication situations with a grammar focus, and
  6. Practice opportunities for the application of conversational communication skills in English in various professional and business environments.

Course Features

The Accent Neutralization course is customizable to meet the specific needs of each learner. The course has the following features: online materials, writing assignments, quizzes, live classes, practical application opportunities and exercises, post-training assessment and feedback.

Every learner can customize and build a personalized action plan collaboratively with a trainer by adding and availing themselves of any number of course features as desired.


  • Cultural and Intercultural Communication
    • Definitions of culture
    • Managing cultural differences and ambiguities
    • Communication across cultures
  • Elements of Oral Communication
    • Inflection
    • Pausing
    • Reducing rate of speech
    • Volume and tone
    • Pitch
    • Clarity and enunciation
  • The Sounds of English
    • The fundamentals of English pronunciation
    • English spelling vs. pronunciation
    • Phonemes and the schwa sounds
    • Letter combinations
    • Silent letters
  • Problem Sounds for Non-Native Speakers
    • Long E, “Advil A”, TH, F, V, B, Z
    • Did-dead- deed; Rake-rock- rack distinctions
    • Substituted sounds
    • Lax vowels (hit-hid, light-lied)
    • Voiced and unvoiced sounds (worth-worthy)
    • Incomplete sounds (Ending T, Soft T [“better butter”])
    • Reduced vowels (average, broccoli, basically, chocolate)
    • Reduced forms (whatyagonna do? I hafta go)
    • Syllable stress
    • Word stress
    • Blending (Liaisons)
    • Intonation and pausing
  • Accent Neutralization (customizable to suit the learner’s needs)
    • Identifying and dealing with Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
    • Pronunciation
    • Vowel Sounds and Consonant Sounds
    • Using a neutral accent

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the Accent Neutralization course, learners will continue to:

  • Gain foundational knowledge on accent neutralization and intercultural communication
  • Work towards mastery of communication skills, strategies, and techniques for accent neutralization
  • Become conscious and aware of their own communication strengths and points for improvement
  • Demonstrate accent neutralization learnings during practical application exercises and scenarios
  • Apply knowledge in communicating in everyday situations through exercises, activities, and real-life scenarios


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