About Pisara.online

A One-Stop Shop For Your Online Learning Needs


Pisara is a learning-focused educational technology platform geared toward teacher empowerment and learner independence and success.

Pisara fosters transformative and innovative training and learning by enabling educators to reach and teach online communities of learners. Accessible on a variety of devices, Pisara turns gadgets into mobile learning delivery systems for sharing knowledge and expertise with the world to empower generations of global learners. Pisara provides technical support in real time for total learning management so that learners can learn and teachers can teach anytime, anywhere!

One-stop Shop for E-learning

Pisara is the only system that integrates assessment, class registration, online academic and professional training, live classes, learning progress documentation, and payment in one simple, efficient, and powerful e-learning platform. We have everything that you need to learn, teach, and collaborate online and in real time.

Learn and Earn with Flexibility in Real Time

With a dazzling array of innovative class features such as interactive videos and immediate update notifications, Pisara offers students and teachers a distance-learning educational platform through which they can stay up-to-date wherever they are.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Learning Platform

Pisara provides flexibility for learners and teachers in today’s fast-paced world. Pace your teaching and learning to suit your everyday needs and schedules. Study and teach whenever and wherever you want. Share your knowledge and expertise with online communities from wherever you are in the world.

Experience Transformative and Innovative Learning

Pisara invites you to be part of our online community of learners and educators in redefining learning by embracing new ways of facilitating learning, delivering lessons, using virtual learning spaces, and collaborating through space and time.