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Why choose Pisara over other online platforms?

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Say goodbye to the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach. Pisara offers online training to a wide range of students and corporate clients who prefer customized, sustainable, and cost-effective learning.

Professional Courses

Each of our innovative courses boasts a practical and personalized curriculum built upon the individual’s assessment results and learning interests to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Expert Instructors

What sets Pisara apart from the competition is its roster of motivated, upbeat, and certified world-class instructors who have had years of experience in teaching Business English and Communication.

Communicate with Students

Pisara’s powerful e-learning platform allows teachers to host live classes, meetings, and conferences instantly with updates provided in real-time.

Interactive Digital Media

Pisara provides access to quality education that promotes active learner engagement through blended learning. Our courses make use of immersive video and audio files that engage students, whatever their learning needs are.

Secure Platform

Because we value your privacy, Pisara employs the latest security measures to protect your personal information from potential threats.

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Create Learning & Development Programs that map and meet your company’s evolving needs with Pisara. Pisara partners with only the best and brightest in the field of education.

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What Learners Say About Pisara

I really enjoyed and learned a lot, this will help me improve my business writing and oral communications. Thank you.


Easy to access, very useful especially in class assignments and interactive.


Pisara is a very convenient and fast tool in learning. I was given a chance to become an online student and it was a very good experience for me.


Having assignments via this platform is really convenient especially for working students.


It was a great way to verify what we have learned in the class type sessions. It shows you what you did right and the areas you need to improve on. Only suggestion for me would be to post all assignments at the same time so we could do all of it faster. Thanks! Great learning experience for me.


This is great. We are able to practice and implement what we have learned from the seminar. Thanks a lot!


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